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  1. blackbiz

    One of the best meals I ve had in a very long time! Husband wife owned in a very cozy setting. The size of the menu is perfect. My boyfriend I had the olives, white bean puree, frittata guava cake! We finished it all, clean plates. Can t wait to go back try the other items. The wine selection was great, too! Highly recommend! Ate at Melody for fhe first time a few weeks back and I already love everything about it. First of all, how cool is it that they renovated a house into a restaurant?! They did such a good job at it too. It s spacious, open, and inviting with a great patio area and such cute decor that s definitely Insta-worthy. I usually find that the quality of the food suffers when a restaurant puts so much of its focus on the decor, but definitely not the case here. I ordered the oysters, octopus, mussels and the brussel sprouts. My bf and I were blown away by the food, especially the octopus and the mussels. The octopus was cooked to perfection and was accompanied by apple and herb garnishes. The flavors were so clean, no fishiness from the octopus at all. I could have ordered another plate for myself. As for the mussels, BEST I VE EVER HAD. The portion was huge and the tomato based sauce was full of chorizo and basil. We scarfed the contents down in record time. Finally, the service was amazing. Not just our server but the other wait staff were very attentive to our needs and checked up on us often. Melody is definitely my new favorite!

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